Choice Components

Here are some of the choice components that will feature in many of our future projects.

This list includes some legendary classics and some of our all-time favourites.

NE555 – Timer

ICM7555 – CMOS RC Timer

PT2399 – Echo Processor IC

LTC-1799 – 1kHz to 33Mhz Precision Oscillator

DS1307 – 64 x 8, Serial, I2C Real-Time Clock

M083B1 – Tone Generators / Top Octave Generators

MK50240 – Top Octave Frequency Generator

ICL7226BIPL – 8-Digit Multi-Function Frequency Counter/Timer

LM567CN – Tone Decoder

ICL8038CCPD – Precision Waveform Generator/VCO

ISD4003 – Single-Chip Voice Record/Playback Devices

MSP430G2553 – Microcontroller

MSP430G2231 – Microcontroller

MSP430G2211 – Microcontroller

PIC16C63A – Microcontroller

PIC16F616 – Microcontroller

PIC16C924 – Microcontroller

AT89C2051-24PU – Microcontroller

PCD8544/5110LCD – 48×84 Pixels Matrix LCD Controller/Driver

SN74HC595 – 8-Bit Shift Registers

SN76489AN – Digital Complex Sound Generator

SN74LS292N – Programmable Frequency Dividers and Digital Timers

SN74LS48 – BCD to 7-Segment Display

SN74116N – Dual 4-Bit Latches with Clear

SN74LS151N – Data Selectors/Multiplexers

74LS86N – Quad 2-Input Exclusive OR Gate

DM74LS21N – Dual 4-Input AND Gates

DM74LS20N – Dual 4-Input NAND Gates

DM74LS54N – 4 Wide, 2-Input AND-OR-INVERT Gate

SN74LS157N – Quad 2-1 Data Selectors/Multiplexers

SN74LS160AN – BCD Decade/4-Bit Binary Counters

SN74LS156N – Dual 2-4 Line Decoders/Demultiplexers

SN74LS174N – Hex D-Type Flip-Flops with Clear (Single Rail Outputs)

SN74LS175N – Quad D-Type Flip-Flops with Clear (Double Rail Outputs)

SN7490AN – Decade Counters

SN7495AN – 4-Bit Parallel-Access Shift Registers

SN74LS132N – Quad 2-Input Positive-NAND Schmitt Triggers

SN74LS163AN – 4-Bit Binary Counters (A/AN?)

SN74LS09N – Quad 2-Input Positive-AND Gates with Open-Collector Outputs

SN7400N/SN74LS00N – Quad 2-Input Positive-NAND Gates

SN7416N – Hex Inverter Buffers/Drivers

SN74123N/SN74LS123N – Retriggerable Monostable Multivibrators

SN74LS136N – Quad 2-Input Exclusive-OR Gates

SN74LS139N – Dual 1-of-4 Decoder/Demultiplexer

SN74LS164N – 8-Bit Parallel-Out Serial Shift Registers

SN74LS165AN – Parallel-Load 8-Bit Shift Registers

SN74HC240N – Octal Buffers and Line Drivers with 3-State Outputs

SN74LS14N – Hex Schmitt Trigger Inverters

CD40106B – Hex Schmitt Trigger Inverters

CD4040B – 12-Stage Binary Counter/Divider

CD4017BE – Decade Counter

CD4051BE – 8-Channel Analogue Multiplexer

CD4046B – PLL Phase-Locked Loop

CD4049UB – Hex Buffer/Converters

CD4518B – Dual Up-Counters

CD4093B – Quad 2-Input NAND Schmitt Triggers

CD4510B – Presettable Up/Down Counters

CD4029B – Presettable Up/Down Counter

CD4521 – 24-Stage Frequency Divider

CD4021BE – 8-Stage Static Shift Registers

CD4082B – AND Gates

CD4060B – 14-Stage Ripple-Carry Binary Counter/Divider and Oscillator

CD4511 – BCD-to-7-Segment Latch Decoder Drivers

2N3904 – Small Signal NPN Transistor

2N5088 – Amplifier Transistors

MPSA18 – General Purpose Amplifier

Burr Brown OPA2134 – Dual High Performance Audio Op-Amps

LM386 – Audio Power Amplifier

JRC386 – Audio Power Amplifier

LM324N – Quad Op-Amp

JRC4558D – Dual Op-Amp

TDA2050 – Power-Amplifier

LM3886 – Power-Amplifier

We are also going to be working with Raspberry Pi, Arduino Uno and Zilog Z80.

Stay tuned to find out about our projects that make use of all these components.

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